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Our Packaging Philosophies: Finding Inspiration from Nature

on July 11, 2024

“A hen’s egg is, quite simply, a work of art, a masterpiece of design and construction with, it has to be said, brilliant packaging!”


Steve Jobs pinpointed the simplistic perfection of nature’s “packaging.” If you think about it, packaging is all around us; nature gives us the best examples of perfect “packaging.” Man-made packaging is ever-evolving and always looking for ways to improve. We stepped back and looked at nature for inspiration. This blog delves into the ways we found inspiration from nature to guide our packaging philosophies.



  1. Focus on the first and initial objective of packaging: to protect the contents.

Just like a hen’s eggshell, the core purpose of packaging is the protection of the contents. The shape of an eggshell, which is an arch, provides it with a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio. This structure allows the shell to withstand considerable force, protecting the contents inside while remaining lightweight. This idea drives the concept of simplified, yet strong packaging. No unnecessary packaging, just what’s needed to protect its contents.


  1. Friendly to the environment.

Eggshells have an alkaline pH, which can help neutralize acidic soil in gardening. When crushed and spread in the garden, they can help maintain a balanced pH level, benefiting plant growth. Just like an eggshell is reusable, we strive to reuse and recycle materials. For example, our honeycomb (an elastic product protector) is made of 100% recycled material (recycled boxes) – and it is pretty too!


  1. Creatively designed.

If you think about it, eggshells are actually very beautiful and range from white to brown, blue, or green – determined by the breed of the hen. We strive to keep our packaging beautiful, with creative designs – keep an eye on our new box designs!


We strive to perfect our packaging, ensuring it protects, respects the environment, and delights the eye. Nature shows us the way, and we follow with innovation and creativity.


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