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Body Butter Jars

Body Butter Jars

Use Our Body Butter Jars to Experience the Difference

Use Our Body Butter Jars to Experience the Difference

Elegant and Functional Style

Bright Pack’s Body Butter Jars have an elegant, contemporary style that not only emphasises your product but also makes it simple for your customers to use. The exquisite appearance and texture of each expertly constructed jar accentuate the superior quality of Your body butter.


Bright Pack provides luxury Body Butter Jars with no minimum order quantities, offering you the opportunity to grow your range or introduce a new product. Regardless of the size of your company, this flexibility guarantees that you can get precisely what you need. 

Excellent Quality Substances

We always utilise the best materials at Bright Packaging and Raw Materials. Our jars protect your product from the moment it leaves your facility until it reaches the customer. 

Customisation Options 

We think your brand should be as distinctive as your packaging. We provide white, transparent, and a combo of transparent body with a white lid options. 

The Family

We are Limited Edition

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125ml Natural Body Butter Jar with Natural Lid (90mm neck)
R 8.19
125ml White Body Butter Jar with White Lid (90mm neck)
R 8.19
250ml White Body Butter Jar with White Lid
R 9.45
250ml Natural Body Butter Jar with Natural Lid
R 9.45
250ml Natural Body Butter Jar with White Lid
R 9.45
125ml Natural Body Butter Jar with White Lid (90mm neck)
R 8.19

Why Choose Bright Packaging & Raw Materials?

01. Innovation

To provide cutting-edge packaging solutions that satisfy the highest standards of excellence, our team constantly improves both our processes and products.

02. Outstanding Client Care

Our first goal is to make sure you're satisfied. Our committed customer service team is available to assist you at every stage, from the first order to the delivery. We take great satisfaction in our punctuality, reliability, and dedication to assisting you in reaching your packaging objectives.

03. Quick & Efficient Response

We understand how crucial on-time delivery is. We always try our best to have your order delivered on time. With our reliable and timely service, you can rely on us to maintain the integrity of your production schedule.


Let customers speak for us

from 619 reviews

Stunning body butter jars, I
purchased the 250g and the
125g - good quality jars
Highly recommended. 

College B.

Thank you for such swift and
efficient service in every aspect. I knew exactly when my parcel would arrive. The boxes were so beautifully and respectfully packaged. One can normally see the difference. Can't wait to make use of my ointment jars. All the very best!

Shelley S.

This packaging gives my
products so much class and
elegance, I love it!

Siphelele S.


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