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Packaging is more than just a container; it's the storyteller of your products. It protects, preserves, and presents with purpose. As the first touchpoint for customers, we believe it carries the promise of quality and innovation.

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I am the sleek and sophisticated 120 ml Glass Amber Bottle Jar with a 38 mm neck, here to showcase your products in irresistible style. Crafted with premium amber glass, I radiate sexy sophistication while shielding your precious contents from harmful UV rays. Pair me with Bright Pack's 38 mm neck closure for an air-tight seal - I promise to keep everything inside fresh and fabulous, extending the shelf life of your beverages, essential oils, lotions, or any other magnificent creations you dream of. My 120 ml capacity makes me the perfect companion for both personal indulgence and professional excellence.


Let me elevate your products and keep them as stunning as you are. 


Amber | The Bottle You've Been Looking For

Why Choose Me? 

NO MOQs: I am a proud Product of Bright Packaging and Raw Materials, where no Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) are required. Whether you want 3 or 30 of me, Bright Pack has got you covered!

Glass is Class:  I am the Eco-Friendly Choice. Glass is more eco-friendly than plastic because it is 100% recyclable without losing quality or purity. By choosing glass, you're reducing plastic waste and minimising your environmental footprint.

Superior protection: I filter out harmful UV rays, protecting your contents from degradation and maintaining their quality for longer periods. This makes me ideal for sensitive products like essential oils, lotions, and beverages.

"50 Shades of Amber"

The Proof is in the Jar

4 Out of 33 Glowing 5-Star Reviews About Amber!

120ml Glass Amber Bottle Jar (38mm Neck) - No Closure

R 6.79

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120ml Glass Amber Bottle Jar with a 38mm neck, perfect for preserving your products in style. 


(Note: Closure not included with this item)

Product Dimensions: 


Height: 95 mm

Base Diameter: 52 mm 

Volume: 120 ml 




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Amber's plus one

38mm Black Ratchet Cap with EPE Liner R1.67

The perfect closure for your 120ml Amber Bottle Jar!

Ensure an air-tight seal keeping your product fresher for longer with this 38mm Cap.