Mist Spray Cap (20mm) - Black – Bright Packaging and Raw Materials
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Mist Spray Cap (20mm) - Black

    Mist Spray Cap (20mm) - Black

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    This is a 20mm Mist Spray 20/410 Bottle Cap. Also available in White and Natural.

    Designed to provide an adjustable mist spray. It features an adjustable spray nozzle beneath a secure cap closure, allowing consumers to control the amount of product they release, making it a great choice for a variety of applications. The black cap has a sleek, modern look, perfect for any product. Its adjustable spray makes it an easy, reliable, and safe way to dispense liquids. It's also highly durable, ensuring high-quality performance even with extensive use. Whether you're looking to create a single, perfect mist spray or need to dispense multiple liquids in precise amounts, the Mist Spray Cap 20mm is the perfect choice.