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Bellarose Fragrance Oil

    Bellarose Fragrance Oil

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    • Barcode: '0000000609

    A rose's appearance is a beautiful sight to behold, and its fragrance is just as lovely. Smelling the magical notes of saffron, musk and geranium it leaves a magical experience, instilling both an essence of calm and a feeling of raised spirits

    Opt for roses in your fine fragrances, lotions, hand wash and laundry detergents.

    Fragrance Notes & Classification

    Classification: Floral Woody


    • Top Notes: Saffron, Spice
    • Heart Notes: Rose, Geranium
    • Base Notes: Oud, Sandalwood, Musks

    Suggested Usage

    Caution: Working with fragrance oils in big batches can be quite toxic, please consider making use of Masks while handling.





    Date made: 17 Mar 2023

    Date picture taken: 21 Mar 2023

    Tested In: Cold Processed Soap | SF 5% | Lye Concentration 35%


    IFRA Category:  IFRA Cat 9 

    IFRA Safety Rate:  29,90%


    Usage rate during testing: 5%

    Acceleration: Slows down trace and takes some time to set up.  Behaved well when stick blended.

    Ricing:  None

    Separation:  None

    Gel phase:  None.

    Discoloration: None

    Suitable for:  Ideal for soap with intricate designs/colours that require extended time to work with.

    For best results:  Stir fragrance in by hand.  Soap at room temperature.