Brightpack Body Wash (White Label Lab) – Bright Packaging and Raw Materials
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Brightpack Body Wash (White Label Lab)
Brightpack Body Wash (White Label Lab)

    Brightpack Body Wash (White Label Lab)

    R 149.50
    • Barcode: 0000001143

    Introducing our specially-formulated, unscented, colourant-free pearlescent Body Wash. It can be easily customised with any of our wonderful fragrance and essential oils for a body wash that is perfect for you. It cleanses and leaves your skin feeling soft and deliciously smooth.



    • PH-balanced
    • Paraben-free
    • No added colourants or no fragrances
    • Vegan and cruelty-free
    • Good for all skin types



    • Deionised water
    • Disodium EDTA
    • Vestol SLS28
    • Vestol EC 70
    • Rokamina K49HC
    • Microcare IT
    • Sodium chloride
    • Vestol PSC 40
    • Caustic soda


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