JOANLAB Large Volume Pipette Controller – Bright Packaging and Raw Materials
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Large Volume Pipette Controller (0.1-100ml) - JOANLAB

    Large Volume Pipette Controller (0.1-100ml) - JOANLAB

    R 764.69
    • Barcode: 0000001136

    This is a Large Volume Pipette Pump/Controller, the ultimate tool for precision liquid handling on a grand scale.

    Designed for the most demanding laboratory and research applications, this ergonomic controller offers unparalleled comfort and control, even when working with large volumes. With its intuitive interface and powerful suction capabilities, it ensures accurate and efficient pipetting from 0.1ml up to a massive 100ml.

    Say goodbye to wrist strain and hello to seamless pipetting in your high-volume experiments. Elevate your lab work to new heights with our Large Volume Pipette Controller, the essential companion for every scientist seeking precision and ease in liquid handling.

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