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Leather Bonfire Fragrance Oil

    Leather Bonfire Fragrance Oil

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    • Barcode: '0000000313

    One of the classics - warm, smoky with a bit of a damp, mossy wood and a touch of sweetness. This fragrance is what comes to mind when thinking of a quintessential masculine fragrance, however does not necessarily mean it cannot have any feminine applications. The smoky, sweetness of this fragrance allows it to adapt to the environment or body chemistry, so can be very versatile.

    This would be perfect as a fine fragrance, or as a room spray and reed diffuser, but can work with many product applications.

    Fragrance Notes & Classification

    Classification: Woody (Inspired by Tom Ford Oud Wood)


    • Top Notes: Saffron
    • Heart Notes: Cashmere Wood, Lavandin, Agarwood
    • Base Notes: Cedarwood, Patchouli, Dry Woods, Musk

    Suggested Usage

    Caution: Working with fragrance oils in big batches can be quite toxic, please consider making use of Masks while handling.




    Table Of Leather Bonfire Fragrance Oil Properties | Fragrance Oils | Brightpack Raw Materials



    Date made: 12 Dec 2022

    Date cured:  21 Dec 2022


    IFRA Category:  IFRA Cat 9 

    Safety Rate:  11,52%

    Usage rate: 5%

    Acceleration: Medium - Speeds up batter consistency after about 30s of hand stirring.

    Ricing:  None

    Separation: None

    Gel phase:  Medium. Will heat up batter slightly.

    Discoloration:  None

    Suitable for:  Single colour, spoon plop, layers and designs where not a lot of time is needed for the pour.

    Notes:  Stir fragrance in by hand. Do not stick blend. Soap at room temperature.