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Ozokerite Wax

    Ozokerite Wax

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    • Barcode: '0000000364

    Ozokerite acts as a substantivity agent, thickener, stabiliser and consistency factor. It is a white, medium hard hydrocarbon wax based on n- and isoparaffins. It is 100% vegan, not derived from animals and provides hold & protection. It is used in stick preparations, stabilises melting point and hardness. It regulates viscosity in W/O emulsions, pastes and oleogels. Ozokerite is suggested for use in decorative cosmetic/make-up and styling/hair foams products. It is Halal-compliant.



    Applications/ Recommended for:
    • Hair care (Shampoos, Conditioners & Styling) > Styling/Hair foams
    • Decorative cosmetics/Make-up > Lipsticks & Glosses


    Physical & Chemical Properties

    Appearance: White Wax

    Form: Small Pellets