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    Polysorbate-20 is a vegetable-derived non-ionic surfactant containing ethylene oxide. It is therefore not a 100% natural product because in this case sorbitol is ethoxylated through industrial processes. It is very effective in Oil-in-Water emulsions, giving perfectly clear dispersions. It can however weaken the efficacy of paraben-based preservatives.

    Uses & Applications

    Polysorbate-20 is often used in cosmetic products as an emulsifier. Soluble in water & alcohols, it is insoluble in oils. It's a fragrance solubilizer and stabiliser. It lubricates and has a soothing effect on the skin.

    SURFACTANT: non-ionic, secondary surfactant, it is compatible with all anionic and cationic surfactants and non-ionic emulsifiers. It mitigates the aggressive qualities of primary surfactants. Ideal when little foaming action is desired.

    EMULSIFIER: Hydrophilic for Oil-in-Water emulsions. Simply add Polysorbate 20 to water-soluble ingredients (A Phase) of your emulsion

    SOLUBILIZER: It allows the dilution of fat-soluble substances into water. Add Polysorbate 20 to the Oil phase (C Phase) of your emulsion before adding the water-soluble ingredients (A Phase). The ratio is 1:2 (one part oils, two parts Polysorbate)

    Physical & Chemical Properties

    Appearance: Viscous Oily Liquid

    Colour: Yellow

    Acid Value (mgKOH/gm): 0.49

    Saponification Value (mgKOH/gm): 46.45

    Hydroxyl Value (mgKOH/GM): 98.56

    Moisture Content, % by KFR: 2.05

    ph of 5% aq.soln: 6.20

    Iodine Value gm l2/100g: 0.33

    Solubility: Soluble in Water & Alcohol