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Precision Balance Scale (0.1g Accuracy) - JOANLAB

    Precision Balance Scale (0.1g Accuracy) - JOANLAB

    R 2,893.27
    • Barcode: 0000000188

    JOANLAB Precision Electronic Balance

    Model: JNB100001

    Technical Specifications

    Max Capacity: 10000 grams (10kg)
    Reachable (grams): 0.1
    Pan Size (mm): 170x190
    Dimension: 200x265x75


    Product Features

    • Large font LCD display with backlight, clear reading
    • The multiple functions modes with counting, unit conversion and weighing
    • External power supply adapts to the global voltage automatically, at emergency situations can use standard battery
    • The low power warning, overload indication, level indicator, adjustable feet
    • Stainless steel weighing pan and weighing platform are solid and durable, easy to clean
    • Five-side full-transparent glass windscreen, to prevent air interference in all domains
    • Selected high-grad core device, suitable for professional weighing
    • The standard button design, easy to operate
    • The shell is made of professional engineering material, can use a long-time