Silicone Dimethicone - 500ml – Bright Packaging and Raw Materials
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Silicone Dimethicone - 500ml

    Silicone Dimethicone - 500ml

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    Dimethicone is a very popular silicone-based polymer that is found in many skincare and makeup products. This emollient adds excellent conditioning properties, it is the ingredient that makes a formula feel silky smooth, and gives you that soft feeling on your skin Dimethicone leaves no residue or buildup, has a transient effect with a non greasy feel.


    • Creates a silky feeling on the skin
    • Temporarily smoothes out fine lines and fills in pores (blur effect on the skin)
    • Can help makeup last longer - great ingredient to use in a makeup primer
    • Seals in moisture/water resistant
    • Creates a lightweight barrier to protect skin from environmental irritants


    Dimethicone is mainly used in skincare and facial cosmetic formulations. It is used as a surfactant and has viscoelastic properties. It is not really advised to use Dimethicone in haircare formulations, as it is a silicone-type ingredient, which may cause product build up on certain hair types and could do more harm than good. However, it is best to do your own research on which hair types (and specific hair product formulations) may benefit from Dimethicone.