Water Soluble Shea Butter (Liponate SB-50) - 1KG – Bright Packaging and Raw Materials
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Water Soluble Shea Butter (Liponate SB-50) - 1KG

    Water Soluble Shea Butter (Liponate SB-50) - 1KG

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    Liponate SB-50 is a water-dispersible emolient made from highly refined shea butter, achieving an input with a low colour index and mild aroma. This water soluble shea butter provides conditioning and softness, typical of Shea Butter. It adds superior emollient properties to a range of cosmetics and personal care formulations while ensuring a light and pleasant sensory profile. 


    Uses & Properties

    - It is a liquid version of Shea Butter
    - Soluble in water and easy to incorporate into rins-off forumulas
    - Promotes the formation of a protective layer on the skin
    - Provides optimal glide
    - It convers greater creaminess and foam
    - Reduces irritation from surfactants
    - Compatible with surfactants formulas, maintaining transparency
    - Conditioning properties for skin and hair



    Storage Instructions

    Keep containers tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place at ambient temperatures at 25ºC. Do not freeze.