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Brightpack Cream Base (White Label Lab)
Brightpack Cream Base (White Label Lab)
Brightpack Cream Base (White Label Lab)
Brightpack Cream Base (White Label Lab)

    Brightpack Cream Base (White Label Lab)

    R 166.64
    • Barcode: 0000001015

    This cream base is the foundation for you to make any lotion or moisturiser you would like. You only need to use 10% as part of your formula, which means that 1kg of cream base will allow you to make 10kgs of lotion! You can customise the formula however you like, in fact you should, because this cream base is quite neutral. There is no fragrance or any additional properties - so you can make any type of cream you like by adding any extra active ingredients, oils, etc. Just add some glycerine and deionised water and you are good to go!


    Appearance: Exactly like candle wax; White when solid, Clear when liquid.


    How To Use

    This is a basic formula to get you started:
    • 84.7% Deionised/Distilled Water
    • 5% Glycerine
    • 10% Cream Base
    • 0.3% Fragrance Oil

    If you want to customise the formula by adding other ingredients for specific benefits, just remember that whatever percentage of another ingredient you add, you have to subtract that from the deionised water. Your formula should always add up to 100% - whatever you add, you can just fill the balance with deionised water until you get to 100%.


    For more detailed instructions, click here to read our blog post.



    Cetyl Alcohol

    Cetearyl Alcohol

    Paraffinum Liquidum


    Propylene Glycol


    DMDM Hydantoin




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